I’m Not As Good As I Pretend To Be, But Neither Are Most Of Us I Suspect

Since I’ve started photo blogging again I’ve not got as much enjoyment out of it this time around, but at least I know why. I originally planned on providing something different and not just sticking up some of by best photos seeking the likes and follows. Instead, I just stuck up a load of photos.

I had an idea before where I could show how the photo was taken, and not just the end result. While this isn’t always possible, my wife would be telling me to “hurry the $%^& up” each time I took a photo if I also photographed the taking of the photograph so instead I’ll include the original unedited image and the final result. In most cases they will differ dramatically. When I can, like when I’m out on my own, I’ll still try to show how the photo was taken, and if not how it was edited but as the idea has only just come to me after editing, the original and final image will have to do for now.


Thank heaven for zoom lenses. This was taken yesterday at #DublinZoo in #Ireland


Caged Hippo


We hadn’t been back in Dublin Zoo for a couple of months so we made the trip up there today. I must say I prefer Fota Wildlife Park in Cork as the animals have a lot more room to roam around, some such as the kangaroo, can wander anywhere they like. But since we’ve left Cork behind my kids will have to get their wildlife fill in Dublin.

This is the first time I saw one of the hippos out of water there. I have to admit I didn’t plan on taking the shot showing him penned in, I was just trying to get in as close as I could to him through the small gaps in the wire fencing. After looking through the images at home, and seeing that he had been staring right at me, I thought the uncropped image worked best. Convert to black and white for mood and we get one bored and pissed off looking hippo.

Hiking the Galtee Mountains


I’ve hiked the Galtee Mountains many times as up until recently I was living very close tho them. It was one of my favourite things about my old house, being able to see mountains from my bedroom window.

This was taken on Galteemore (mór mean big in Irish) as me and 2 friends were making our way up. These hills are very popular with hikers are there are a few parking areas dotted around the base and it’s easy to spend the day hiking and make it back to the car and home for a well-deserved dinner.

After taking a few shots I wandered over for a chat. I’ve been on hills up and down this country and hikers are always the same, always glad to stop for a chat even if it’s just an excuse to rest their legs for a minute or two. The people in the shot are from the Galtee Walking Club making their way home after an early start.

He’s All Better Again

This is Oisín (Ush-een). He’s been a bit sick over the past week and things took a turn for the worse over the weekend. He got gastroenteritis and the poor thing couldn’t fight it off himself. I’ll spare you the details of that horrible virus but let’s just say there is a lot of cleaning up involved.

After a few trips to the doctor, they decided it was best to get the fluids into him through IV as he was getting more and more dehydrated. Nothing was staying down and he was only getting sicker. The IV fluids did the trick. After 4 hours he started to perk up and I was then able to slowly drip more fluids into his mouth while he slept.

He’s much better now, he’s at home with his mum getting lots of cuddles and all the Peppa Pig he wants. Just seeing this little fella in the hospital bed was heart breaking and I knew it was nothing serious. I could see other parents up there who’s children weren’t going to be let out anytime soon. My heart goes out to them, I don’t know how they do it.


On a different note, who the hell puts plaster cast down a sink?