One more from my Killeney Beach Trip

In my last post you can see that I was a bit pressed for time when I was last out with the camera. Long exposures are not the best option while watching the clock.

This is one taken using a 3 minute exposure and at F8 but with a 3.0 ND grad filter, also known as a “big stopper”, but was taken a little earlier in the evening before the light was totally lost on me.26022017_001_small

I prefer the colour as I think the sand and stones look too much like a big black mass at the side of the image. Next time I’ll set the tripod up on the rocks for a cleaner image.


To see these shots you’d never imagine that there were plenty of walkers on the beach, one even walking right in front of the camera while the shot was being taken.

Hiking the Galtee Mountains


I’ve hiked the Galtee Mountains many times as up until recently I was living very close tho them. It was one of my favourite things about my old house, being able to see mountains from my bedroom window.

This was taken on Galteemore (mór mean big in Irish) as me and 2 friends were making our way up. These hills are very popular with hikers are there are a few parking areas dotted around the base and it’s easy to spend the day hiking and make it back to the car and home for a well-deserved dinner.

After taking a few shots I wandered over for a chat. I’ve been on hills up and down this country and hikers are always the same, always glad to stop for a chat even if it’s just an excuse to rest their legs for a minute or two. The people in the shot are from the Galtee Walking Club making their way home after an early start.