Playing with Depth of Field, Again

I passed through the historic town of Lismore in Co. Waterford today. The town has a wonderful fully preserved castle but unfortunately it’s not open to the public. While passing today I saw the gates open and decided I’d have a peek inside, I didn’t get far… Just passed the gatehouse I was duly told to be on my way.

As I was stopped in the town I thought I’d have a wander around. There’s a small cathedral at the top of the town that’s been a church since the 7th century, so I decided I’d have a wander around the grounds.

The old cobblestones were perfect for shallow depth of field shots. I set the focus to manual and set the focus as close as possible, about 1 foot. Shooting from the ground up was the best way to draw out the line of the path

Playing with Depth of Field

I was playing around with Depth of Field (DoF) last November and totally forgot about some of the shots I had taken. These having been sitting in my “Blog Images” folder since then.

Each shot was taken using a 55mm F2.8 lens at its macro setting.

I wish I was more organised. I’ve got boxes and boxes of slides up in the attic that will get sorted, you know, one day.

Cobblestones B&W_1_small