Another from Torc Waterfall

It was raining here all last weekend so I’m having to dip into some of my older shots taken. I have a black and white version of this in another post but for some reason, I never put up the colour.

Torc Waterfall 1_small

Killarney National Park in Co. Kerry in Ireland is somewhere I’d love to bee left alone with my camera for a weekend.

One more from my Killeney Beach Trip

In my last post you can see that I was a bit pressed for time when I was last out with the camera. Long exposures are not the best option while watching the clock.

This is one taken using a 3 minute exposure and at F8 but with a 3.0 ND grad filter, also known as a “big stopper”, but was taken a little earlier in the evening before the light was totally lost on me.26022017_001_small

I prefer the colour as I think the sand and stones look too much like a big black mass at the side of the image. Next time I’ll set the tripod up on the rocks for a cleaner image.


To see these shots you’d never imagine that there were plenty of walkers on the beach, one even walking right in front of the camera while the shot was being taken.

Attempting Long Exposures When Pressed For Time

The alarm is set for 0530 so I can get down to the coast before the sun does. The earlier I get out the more time I’ll have as I’ve promised my wife I’ll be back before 0900 as it’s going to be a busy day.

Having recently moved to the area, and not having explored a whole lot, I’ve taken to Google Maps to try to spot an area along the coast with a few features. While a long sandy beach is great for so many things, it’s pretty boring when it comes to photography. After a quick search, I’ve got my spot for the morning, and it’s off to bed I go.

The alarm goes off and this is where it all goes wrong. Now, everyone knows there’s nothing more noisy than someone who’s trying to be quiet so, as I creep out of bed and down the stairs, I can hear the grumblings of our 1 year old. I pause for a couple of minutes in the hope he’ll go back to sleep and let me out the door as planned but as his calls got louder I knew he wanted out of bed, and I also knew that he knew I was there.

Up to his room I go, he’s standing there with a big grin, so I pick him up and down we go for breakfast. I watch the inky blue black appear in the sky, and by the time he’s fed and watered, it was clear that the sun had lost its patience with me and decided it was time for it to rise too. By the time backup arrives it’s 0730 and too late for my planned dawn shots. I head out for an hour anyway but, while the location I had picked had potential the tide had made its way in and it was too bright anyway.

I decide to head for home and with a bit of negotiation I’m free to head back at 1730, it would be dark within an hour of that so time was going to be tight. By the time I get back there the sea was quite rough and the high tide was making its second attempt of the day. With the darkness setting in, I set up and take a few long exposures, each of around 3-4 minutes. The waves were coming in fast and the wind starting to blow hard. I did what I could with the shots but the constant slight shaking of the camera, caused by the wind and waves,  were making fo some very hazy shots.


After the hour of shooting it’s too dark to continue, it was too cloudy for even a few shots of the stars, so I packed up the gear and heading back for the car. Anything that was going to be salvaged from the day was going to have to be done in Photoshop.

The first is the original shot taken. The second is with a touch of sharpening, brightening and cropping done.

I think the exposures are much too long, 20 seconds to see the movement of the water would have been better. I’ll have to head down again, this time I’ll try to leave the house a lot more quietlydsc_736726022017_002_small

Amtes, or I think that’s what it says

Church Graffiti

Back in the 1840’s a new mental asylum was opened in Cork, Ireland, closed only in 1988. On a wet Sunday I took a stroll around but found the old hospital itself is now well boarded up and I could not get access. The Church however was easily accessible so I dropped in through a missing window pane to shelter from the worst of the weather.

Graffiti done well can be very nice and it certainly added something to this otherwise decrepit building. Much better than the average toe rag who sprays “johnny woz ‘ere” around the back of the school.

Some would say this is vandalism, not me. i wonder what this would have done for the victims patients of the old hospital. It’s an bold expression in a place that spent it’s history keeping the masses down.

Clonakilty Model Railway Village

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day then going to a model railway village. Okay, it’s not the most conventional place to go but we do have a two year old and, well, it’s all about him really. He’s big into trains at the moment and loved it down at the Model Railway Village in Clonakilty, Cork.

You can see the size of the models compared to Adam, it’s great down there and the weather really helped. We’ll be back soon.

Silvermines Co. Tipperary, Abandonment Part 3

In the final part of this series I look at the houses left to crumble since mining came to a halt in the area. Part 1 and Part 2 looked at the farm and mining buildings. All around this type of derelict house can be found. On the Silvermines Drive I must have passed half a dozen houses mostly covered in ivy. The whole area is so quiet now, I drove for around an hour on a Saturday afternoon without passing another car. It’s a strange feeling to stop the car in the middle of the road without worrying if I’m blocking anyone.

Doing this three part series has been quite an education for myself. I’ve found myself thinking much more about why I want to photograph, and perhaps what too.