I’m Not As Good As I Pretend To Be, But Neither Are Most Of Us I Suspect

Since I’ve started photo blogging again I’ve not got as much enjoyment out of it this time around, but at least I know why. I originally planned on providing something different and not just sticking up some of by best photos seeking the likes and follows. Instead, I just stuck up a load of photos.

I had an idea before where I could show how the photo was taken, and not just the end result. While this isn’t always possible, my wife would be telling me to “hurry the $%^& up” each time I took a photo if I also photographed the taking of the photograph so instead I’ll include the original unedited image and the final result. In most cases they will differ dramatically. When I can, like when I’m out on my own, I’ll still try to show how the photo was taken, and if not how it was edited but as the idea has only just come to me after editing, the original and final image will have to do for now.


Thank heaven for zoom lenses. This was taken yesterday at #DublinZoo in #Ireland


4 thoughts on “I’m Not As Good As I Pretend To Be, But Neither Are Most Of Us I Suspect

  1. Conor, as a developing photographer I am appreciative of your taking the time to share the original and edited image to help me create the most from my images. It is my intention as budding nature conservancy photographer to share nature in the most inspirational way to get the message out there.

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    • Hi Laura, thanks for your comment. One thing that really helped me to see what’s possible to get out of an original image was when I was back studying photography and I was making contact sheets out of a roll of 24 black and white negatives. As the amount of shots taken of a subject was always going to be far fewer back then, thanks to the cost of film, paper and time, so while much more care was taken with each shot, much more time was spent looking at the results for what could be found within.

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  2. Conor, as an amateur photographer who just started his own page I enjoy seeing your before and after edits. It’s spurred me to go thru the thousands of old photos I have stored on the computer and see if some can be improved with a little editing. If anything it’s forced me to become familiar with photoshop.



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    • Hey TD, the way I would approach it is to, first, have an idea what kind of image I’d want to end up with, whether that’s a colourful panoramic or moody black and white. Next, I’d start looking through shots and try to spot something in there to match what I had in mind. You’ll probably find yourself going over the same shots again and again but each time with a different idea in mind. There are many ways to dig for gold in that gold mine of images, but you’ll need to start off with an idea of what you would like to find first.
      Well, that’s what I’d do anyway, I’m sure there are plenty of other ways.

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