Caged Hippo


We hadn’t been back in Dublin Zoo for a couple of months so we made the trip up there today. I must say I prefer Fota Wildlife Park in Cork as the animals have a lot more room to roam around, some such as the kangaroo, can wander anywhere they like. But since we’ve left Cork behind my kids will have to get their wildlife fill in Dublin.

This is the first time I saw one of the hippos out of water there. I have to admit I didn’t plan on taking the shot showing him penned in, I was just trying to get in as close as I could to him through the small gaps in the wire fencing. After looking through the images at home, and seeing that he had been staring right at me, I thought the uncropped image worked best. Convert to black and white for mood and we get one bored and pissed off looking hippo.

2 thoughts on “Caged Hippo

  1. Thank you Conor for sharing the image that actually makes the most impact, a great reminder that we need to discern if zoos are really for the benefit of the wildlife kept there or just for human viewing pleasure. Great photo.


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