Left On The Shelf

Douglas Library 1Douglas Library 2

On the 14th July New Horizons sped past Pluto sending back some amazing images from our solar systems furthest known planet. What has this got to do with a library book?, well my wife brings our 2 (nearly 3) year old son to the library every 2 weeks and on Tuesday they got some books about space.
I couldn’t wait to explain it all to him, I find the whole subject fascinating. This probe had been travelling at 16.26 km per second as it flew by after a journey starting out in January 2006. Space, you can see, is extremely well named. We have a good routine at home, I put our son Adam to bed every night and we read a story or two while tucked up together. This usually goes on for about 30 minutes but if he had his was we would read all night. When I got home from work on Tuesday I didn’t know what new books were awaiting me, I expected the usual animal stories, but when I saw “what’s in the sky” and another on Neil Armstrong for our bed time reading I have to confess to a little childlike excitement on my part.
As bed time approached, and went by with the usual battle we tucked up together and began to read. We first read the story of Neil Armstrong with Adam enthralled. Then while going through the planets, he was flying his Buzz Lightyear around his head and pointing out the moon. He’s been asking about the moon ever since. Well, he’s been pointing to the moon and saying “MOON!!” he is 2 after all.
Leaving him with the thoughts of space travelling his head I brought the books downstairs for a leaf through myself. That’s when I noticed the dates stamped on the inside. Though they no longer stamp the books it shows that even when they did how rarely the book was taken out. This I thought was a shame. The library is a great resource but is being used less and less. Tablets and phones can never replace a book, for one I’ve never had the battery run out on my book. but I guess before we even consider the library people need to read to their children first.
Teach your kids about space, teach them about dinosaurs but most of all teach them the importance of reading and they can teach themselves the world.

Amtes, or I think that’s what it says

Church Graffiti

Back in the 1840’s a new mental asylum was opened in Cork, Ireland, closed only in 1988. On a wet Sunday I took a stroll around but found the old hospital itself is now well boarded up and I could not get access. The Church however was easily accessible so I dropped in through a missing window pane to shelter from the worst of the weather.

Graffiti done well can be very nice and it certainly added something to this otherwise decrepit building. Much better than the average toe rag who sprays “johnny woz ‘ere” around the back of the school.

Some would say this is vandalism, not me. i wonder what this would have done for the victims patients of the old hospital. It’s an bold expression in a place that spent it’s history keeping the masses down.