Old Railway lines, Blackrock, Co. Cork

The old railway line linking Cork to Blackrock and onto Passage West was closed in the 1930’s. The rails of course are long gone, replaced by the noise of traffic passing on bridges overhead. One of the very few advantages of removing the rail network is we are now left with some decent walkways in the suburbs of the city. One of the better of these is what’s known as the Blackrock railway walk.

Many of the platforms and associated building still line the walkway but sadly most have now gone beyond repair, some are just single walls remaining. What decent buildings do remain have been used for commercial purposes and no longer resemble anything what they used to.

I’ve been on this walk numerous times and last weekend while walking through this tunnel section I saw it in a different light. I used to see this tunnel as nothing but a place where kids hang out, spray painting the walls, breaking bottles and generally messing up the place but this time I saw something different. In a strange way I thought it to be quite beautiful. The thought stayed with me for a few hours afterwards and I soon realised I was no longer seeing it as I always had, with a narrow minded view, but this time I was seeing it through the eyes of, dare I say it, a photographer.

As I pass by this place most days I dropping in yesterday evening just as people were heading home from work, I was on my way home from work too.  The walk way was quite busy and a few minutes into snapping away an old man passed on his bike. happily, for me anyway, he took his time passing allowing me to get a few shots taken.



Blackrock Walk Tunnel_1_small



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