Back to the Copper Coast

I headed back to the Copper Coast this weekend as we were getting a lucky break in the weather. The weather forecasters have taken on an almost apologetic tone of late so once I heard we were in for a full day of sun I checked out the tide tables and planned my day.

After a few hours driving around the coast popping in and out of narrow lanes which I hoped would lead me to photographic nirvana, I ended up back on a stretch of beach just by Kilfarrasy. By that time I wasn’t able to make it very far down the beach as the tide was rushing in fast. The seas were still quite rough so I decided to head back towards the car and find a vantage point where I could snap away without fear of making the news for all the wrong reasons.

Just as I made it back to the jetty used by the local coast guard, I passed a man walking his dog in the opposite direction and out onto the beach. I was happy to have made it back in time but he was just setting out. Madness I thought, but he strolled off with a confidence that made me believe he knew what he was doing and before long he was gone from sight while I set about finding my spot away from the crashing waves.

I snapped away for a short while and my brave companion emerged from the rocks narrowly escaping the soaking of his life. He stopped and we chatted for a short while and the topic soon turned to my photography. I showed him a few shots I had just taken and happily he seemed suitably impressed. We began to talk about the area when he told me he’s been looking for a decent panoramic shot taken of the coast that he could give to his daughter, who was living just up the road, and if I would be able to take one. I said I’d never even tried to sell a photograph but before I knew it I had his number taken down and found myself commissioned.

For the next hour, as the light began to fade, I agonised over each shot. I wanted each one to be a masterpiece. I was chuffed with myself…

Here are the results, I’m putting them up here in the same way I sent the examples to give the impression of what they would look like framed. I’d love to hear your comments, good or bad, or any advice on how you would do them differently. I’m going back there next weekend an hour before high tide (9:35 am) to look around for something similar.


Copper Coast _2_B&W_Panoramic_small


Copper Coast _3_B&W_Panoramic_small


Copper Coast _1 B&W_Panoramic_small


4 thoughts on “Back to the Copper Coast

  1. All strikingly beautiful, but I especially like the graphic nature of the first and last. Since you went panoramic, I’d lean toward the first with the wider view. Good luck with the sale… well deserved!


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