After More Heavy Rain

I went back to Glengarra woods to see how much the river had swollen and if there was a decent shot to be got out of it. Before Christmas I was able to stand on rocks in the middle of the river without getting wet but after seeing it after the month of rain we’ve had there was no way was I going to attempt that without waders and / or a lifeguard on standby. The river must have been at least three times its normal volume leaving places I’d set up my tripod before at least a foot under water.

It was one of those thinly overcast days leaving a very bright grey sky that wouldn’t add anything to any shot so to get the best exposure I have to remove as much of it as possible from the shot. The show below had an exposure time of just 6 seconds at F22, no filters were used as I wanted to retain some of the movement of the water. A longer exposure would have softened things too much.


7 thoughts on “After More Heavy Rain

  1. Conor… I hear you’ve been having some rain lately! Here’s hoping things dry out sometime soon for you all, and congrats on taking advantage of the conditions with this photograph. I’d normally say that six seconds is a long time for moving water, but you’ve proved me wrong here… maybe it’s the sheer volume of water moving that helps convey the sense of action. Either way, very nicely done!


    • Thanks David, ya it’s been pretty wet here for the past 8 weeks. We had gust hits 180 KPH off the Cork coast yesterday.
      I have to agree, 6 seconds never really works for running water. It’s too long to get the drama of fast flowing water and too slow for the misty affect but the river was in full flow so I got away with it on this one


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