Gone back to a DSLR

Recently I sold my Nikon D200 in order to buy a Fuji X-E1. The Nikon was quite an old camera but I loved it as it felt so solid. It felt like a real camera each time I picked it up. I had quite a hard time selling it as compared to most other cameras it was very dated, even had a CCD and not a CMOS like nearly every camera these days.

So, it went for just €250 and I asked my brother to buy a used Fuji X-E1 in Japan where he’s been living for nearly ten years. He was going to be over for a visit so he could bring it with him. I got it for quite a good price, €600 including the 18-55mm kit lens. I planned on  buying the 10-24 mm lens when it got released though it was going to cost more than what I had already spent, about €900. It was going to be a treat for myself.

First impressions of the Fuji were good, it was small and light and I was happy with the results I was getting, see here and here. My biggest worry was just how cheap and frail it felt in my hands. Having used the heavier Nikon for years the Fuji just never sat right with me. Worst of all it isn’t weather sealed in any way, most reports on the internet advise against getting even a few spits of rain on it. Living in Ireland where it does nothing but rain this was not going to be good. I knew it wasn’t the camera for me and it too had to go.

Up on a local classified site it went it I sold it for what I bought it for, I could have got a bit more if I’d have waited but I was keen to get something else, another Nikon DSLR. I already owned the 18-200 VR lens so after doing some proper research this time the D7000 looked like an excellent used bargain. For €650 I managed to find myself a D7000 and Tokina 11-16 F2.8 both in mint condition on ebay. Now I don’t need to spend a fortune on the 10-24mm Fuji lens either. The Tokina is superb.

I headed out early on Saturday morning with the new gear. First impressions were it felt very solid and responsive, the Fuji was painfully slow to process images after taking them, long exposures of over 120 seconds often too 10 minutes to process by the camera. The Nikon was doing that in seconds. Not only that but I had it out in pretty showery conditions and didn’t need to worry.

I don’t see me changing from a Nikon DSLR any time soon. Sure the Fuji looks cool and retro but in the real world it’s not as god a tool for the job as a DSLR. With the wealth of lenses available for Nikon cameras already there are so many bargains out there too. This image won’t win any prizes but on a the Fuji system it would have cost over double than the Nikon.

Stones B&W_1_small

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