Beach Groynes, Youghal Co.Cork

Here’s a shot taken this afternoon in Youghal Co Cork, down the south east of Ireland.

It started off yet another wet and windy day so I knew I wasn’t going anywhere with the camera today. It was really bucketing down so I decided I’d tackle the mess that’s been building up in my office at home. you know things are getting bad when you can hardly see the surface of your desk any more thanks to all the clutter.

The window in the office faces south easterly and after many hours moving junk up to the attic I saw a glimmer off in the horizon. Against all weather forecasts the clouds looked like they might be breaking for the day. Before I knew it, the rain had stopped and the sun was in full wintry glory.

I grabbed the camera bag and tripod and headed off to Youghal not knowing what I’d find. The storms of late would surely provide some spectacular seas so it was worth a shot.

It took just 30 minutes to get there by car. When I got out onto the beach front it was thronged with walkers all snapping the rough seas with their iPhones. I made my way down the sand but the high tide and heavy swells didn’t allow me to stand there for long. As the tide was turning I decided to wait a couple of hours passing the time snapping away but not getting a decent shot.

Finally the groynes started to make an appearance as the tide receded just in time for the sun to dip below the horizon. It was getting dark quick and with 5 minute exposures (plus 8 minutes to “process” by the unbearably slow Fuji X-E1) meant I wasn’t going to get many shots taken.

This is the best of the bunch, the groynes themselves aren’t as sharp as I’d like as a few of the waves came in over the top but overall I was happy. It’s another place I have to come back to re-shoot but at least I got my eye in.

Youghal Groynes_1_small

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