It’s been raining a lot……

…….In fact, here in Cork (Ireland) we’ve had our 4th weather warning in just 10 days. It’s not often we get warnings about the weather, it’s just accepted that it’ll be rubbish but gusts of 130kph+ every other day could only mean only one thing, time to get the camera back out.

Having dropped my son at the crèche, sorry Adam, it was onwards to Clonakilty in west Cork where I was hoping the rain would hold off just long enough to get a few shots taken, and quite literally that’s just about how I got time for. The rain was one thing, but the spray from the waves was soon going to kill my Fuji XE-1. The filter over the lens was nothing but salty spray so I dropped the aperture down to F5.6 to try to blur it out, with mixed results.

Great day though, you know you love photography when you see a massive wave heading you’re way but that 30 second exposure is only 5 seconds in and you find yourself wondering what to do. I stayed and got wet, well worth it though…..

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