Slow Photography Movement Challenge – Second Attempt

Here’s my second attempt at my Slow Photography Movement Challenge

I took this at Glengarra woods on my second visit there. Hope to see some other entries soon, we’re running out of time.


7 thoughts on “Slow Photography Movement Challenge – Second Attempt

    • Hey,
      I’ve only spent a few days with it so far so I’ll write up more on it soon.
      So far it’s a very nice camera to use. What I really like is how small and unassuming it is. It’s far easier to take out in a public place and not look like you’re a pap photographer on the hunt for celebs.
      The quality compared to my last camera, the Nikon D200, is far better. Images are sharper and colours are very punchy especially using the velvia colour mode. I’ve noticed a lot of detail lost in the highlights though but I’m sure this is due to not having read the manual.

      Apart from the quality of the images, it just feels great to use. I can see myself using it a lot more which is probably the most important thing.

      The price of the lenses are very high, the new 10-24mm out soon is going to be about €1000 which is high but that’s the going rate for high end lenses. The fuji XF lenses have had great reviews. They do say to spend the money on the lens, not the camera.



  1. I just read this post. I don’t think I was even blogging when it was first posted. I agree with everything you say and have started shooting in manual recently. It is so much more exciting. Like you are a real photographer instead of a button pusher. Thank you. You should do another challenge- one where everyone must shoot in manual.


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