A Walk In The Woods

Today my better half took our baby son out for the day so I was free to spend the day with my camera. Not knowing what to shoot I leafed through a few old photography magazines for inspiration on raining days. As the rain wasn’t too heavy I thought the cover of a woods might be a good idea. Then I had a brainwave, I checked google earth for wooded areas close by and found an amazing place called Glengarra woods just 25 miles away from home. I’d never heard of the place but I thought I’d give it a shot.

The place was amazing, if you ever find yourself in the south of Ireland and stuck for something to do a day out there would certainly be well worth a visit.

Glengarra Woods_3_Small

Glengarra Woods_3_B&W_Small

Glengarra Woods_1_Small

Glengarra Woods_4_Small

5 thoughts on “A Walk In The Woods

  1. Beautiful place and amazing photographs… Usually I prefer Black and White photograph, but in here the colour one hit me much more, there is a wonderful harmony into the colours… Thank you, and also Thanks for visiting my blog. I love Ireland and her amazing landscapes and yes, writers, musicians, poets too 🙂 I am glad to meet you. With my love, nia


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