Slow Photography Movement Challenge – First Attempt

Following on from my last post about the slow photography movement, this is my first attempt and the first entry into the challenge. Having walked along the river bank for a few hundred meters I didn’t find anywhere safe to set up the tripod as it has been raining very heavily over the past few days. I was always going to get wet, just how wet depended on how brave I was.

Eventually I found an opening in the trees and a a few stepping stones out into the river. That’s when I decided that the next shot I took was going in as an entry into my slow photography movement challenge. I must have spent at least 15 minutes jumping from rock to rock and back again finding the best place to set up the tripod. I hope you think the results are worth it.

It would be great to see others adding their photos to my slow photography movement challenge. Remember, the only way for other to find out are for you to get the word out there.

Glengarra Woods_2_Small

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