My Little Town

I went for a bit of a wander around where I live in today.

I live in a tiny village of about 80 houses and a pub, nothing else. I only moved here a few years ago and haven’t explored the place yet. I thought there wasn’t a lot to explore until today.

The village, Clondulane, has a long history but sadly in the past 50-60 year since the closure of the railway it’s been going steadily downhill. Outside of the one pub there’s nothing but a couple of housing estates being the home to commuters working further a field.

I didn’t expect to find much so I brought along a compact camera just in case. What I did find was a weir, the ruins of a 6th century abbey, remains of a castle long forgotten and the creepiest graveyard that’s been accepting the bodies of the locals for over 1400 years.

I’ll have to go back with my tripod and get some shots but here’s what I mustered up today

Stone Wall_2 Small

Gate House Small

Clondulane Railway_1 Small

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