Putting down the camera bag, can a phone compete?

This could be interesting to follow


National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson will be leaving his camera bag behind as he goes off on a photographic tour of Scotland using an iPhone 5s. As a seasoned photographer for the distinguished NG I’m sure Jim isn’t short on talent and experience but none the less I think the challenge he’s setting for himself will be daunting.


I for one would be very interested in the results. With the never ending battle to produce cameras with more pixels, better ISO range, larger chips etc and the thousands these camera’s cost it’ll be great to see what results can be obtained from a phone. Okay, a pretty advanced phone but a phone none the less.

I’ve no doubt that this expedition is in some way being paid for by Apple in a marketing ploy but as long as they are honest with the results it’ll be an interesting exercise non the less.

The problem is, I’ll have no excuse not to take more snaps now with my phone. No more camera excuses.

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